Selecting your first practice opportunity or pursuing a career change often includes the decision of relocating. While feeling excited for your new adventure in life, you may also feel stress about moving to a new location. There are many questions and steps to consider when relocating. Below is a timeline and to do list to ensure a smooth move:

6-8 Weeks before the Move:

  • If your new employer is paying for your move, it is important to contact them for a suggested list of moving companies
  • Obtain at least two quotes from different moving companies
  • Start taking inventory of what you plan to move
  • Begin to donate and discard items
  • Keep in mind peak season for moving companies is May 15 – September 15

4-6 Weeks before the Move:

  • Contact your mover to begin coordinating your moving schedule
  • Notify important friends and business partners about your departure
  • Make necessary arrangements with your utility companies and business accounts

2-3 Weeks before the Move:

  • Throw going away parties for your children or closest friends
  • Make plans for your automobiles and travel arrangements
  • Begin to pack one room at a time – Keep similar items together and pack less frequently used items first
  • Notify US Postal Service of address change

1-3 Days before the Move:

  • Pack your family’s suitcases
  • Pack an “Instant Aid” box (a box full of items you will immediately need upon arrival at your new home)

Move Day:

  • Make a final check that your utilities are switched off and the house is properly locked

Delivery Day:

  • Assign responsibilities for each of your family members including children to unpack your belongings

Getting Settled:

  • Get comfortable in your new home
  • Find your new post office, dentist, doctor, and other local services
  • Ensure proper records are transported from your old location
  • Meet your neighbors, and explore fun places to visit in the local community
  • Enjoy your time in your new practice

*Source Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage.

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