Together, we champion the practice of medicine for a healthier world.®

At HCA, we believe in giving physicians what they need to succeed. By continuing to build a strong, dedicated community of care, we can help deliver even better patient outcomes. We believe in bettering both the lives of our patients and our physician partners.

We do this by giving our physicians a voice in how we staff, equip and create the best environment to deliver better care across our national community of more than 169 hospitals, 116 surgery centers, 850 physician practices and groups, and 70 urgent care centers.

On-time resources

Physicians have access to a national network of readily available facilities, state-of-the art clinical equipment, and highly trained staff, so you have more time to give patients the treatment they deserve.

Efficient operations can make a difference in improving each patient’s outcome. Our belief is that operational excellence, coupled with experienced and committed staff, offers physicians and their patients the best environment for better care.

Collaboration driven Culture

At HCA, physicians are given a voice through direct lines of communication and feedback with the right people. That voice enables them to influence operations in ways only a physician can identify.

In this dynamic, collaborative health network, physicians learn from other physicians by collaborating and using medical data on an unprecedented scale. Comprehensive data, generated from tens of millions of patient encounters a year, is shared across the network. This data often breeds new insights, enabling our physicians to continuously influence standards of care.

Potential for growth

We know physicians are the experts at providing care for our patients. HCA prioritizes investing in physicians’ careers, including professional development, leadership opportunities, and access to tools that help grow their practices.

We’re passionate about healthcare. HCA was founded by physicians who believed that by partnering with physicians and giving them what they need, we could provide the best medical care – focused on each unique patient, at any given moment. HCA prioritizes high-quality, compassionate patient care and continuous improvement.

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